All purpose cleaner concentrate

Features and Benefits:

® Suma Multi is a genral purpose concentrated liquid detergent for dishwashing, floor cleaning, hard surface cleaning, glass & vehicle cleaning.

  • Dishwashing - Safe on hands. Easy to rinse. Saves water. Removes stubborn soils. Mild and gentle on cutlery.
  • Floor Cleaning - Can be used on all floorings like marble, granite, vinyl etc. Compatible foruse with scrubbing machines.

Pleasant lingering perfume.

  • Hard Surface Cleaning - Use on laminates, computers, telephones, TV and other plastic surfaces. Leaves surface clean without any scratches or streaks.
  • Glass Cleaning - Leaves glass sparkling clean without any scratches or streaks.
  • Vehicle Cleaning - Cleans without removing gloss. Effective for cleaning seat covers, dash-board and car-interior.

Suma Multi- All Purpose Cleaner


price is not for a single piece its for a pack.

pack contains 2*5L