Super - concentrated high-performance cleaner / degreaser for food contact and other surfaces. Cuts through dirt, grime, soap scum and animal proteins, fats, oils, blood and grease on hard surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Removes Protein, Animal Fats and Grease in One Application :Cleans fast and easy without hard scrubbing.
  • Save Cleaning Time Up to One Half: Cuts labour costs . . . cleans even hard-to-clean grouting and is free-rinsing.
  • Versatile:Can be used in multiple cleaning methods (foaming, spraying, mopping, bushing or wiping). . . reducing the need for several specialty cleaners. Cleans many surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic and tile.
  • Easy to use:Product and label are color-coded to match dispensing equipment and accessories making employee training easier.

Suma Breakup