Available i kochi - su 727 is used for form generating chemical for cleaning in food industry.
SU727 is a general purpose, chlorinated foam cleaner designed for daily use in the food,beverage and dairy industries.
Key propertiesSU727 contains a balanced blend of caustic alkali, surface active agents, sequestrant and hypochlorite. It is very effective for use on a wide range of food soils including animal and vegetable fats, blood and proteins. In addition, the presence of chlorine assists removal of organic and vegetable-based stains and helps to prevent build-up of “protein film” deposits.SU727 is recommended for daily cleaning applications where heavy proteinaceous and fatty soiling are found in combination, such as abattoirs, poultry processors and the fish industry. It can be used for cleaning floors, walls, cutting tables, packing fillers, conveyors and other processing equipment.SU727 is suitable for use with a wide range of foam application equipment.


  • Effective for removal of heavy fat and protein
  • Assists stain removal
  • Helps prevent build-up of protein film
  • Suitable for use in hard water
  • Free rinsing

SU 727 - Diversey