GRAMICID is a complex formulation of processed Silver, a noble metal and highly concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide. The Hydrogen Peroxide component ensures a rapid germ killing effect and the silver component ensues that the effect is long-lasting. Silver is well known for its oligo ?NC dynamic action (cold sterilization). The effect of the two components is multiplied by a special manufacturing process of GRAMICID giving a synergistic effect.

The germ killing effect of GRAMICID is rapid and thorough, even from low to high temperatures. GRAMICID generates neither smell nor taste, has no toxic effect, does not effect the pH value and causes no corrosion. GRAMICID when used as per the guidelines causes no irritation to the eyes, skin or mucous membranes. GRAMICID is nonpolluting. Its main component Hydrogen Peroxide does not pollute the effluent, as only Oxygen and water are formed. H2O2- H2O + O(nascent form).In other words, no harmful by-products are produced when it decomposes. The silver level is well below 180 micrograms / person / day permitted by W.H.O. Therefore it is safe for both human as well as animal life.

GRAMICID has a very wide range of application and can be used wherever halogens, aldehydes, phenols, quats are being used. Additionally, it can be used in cases where halogenous substances have previously been feared to add their peculiar flavour, change in taste and the formation of chemical compounds with the basic elements amongst others. GRAMICID has been found very effective