The food and Beverage Industry commonly refers to all manufacturers of food related items- packaged water, packaged food, confectioneries, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, packed fruit & vegetable juices etc.

This is a growing industry with MNCs coming in fray. Over the years the quality norms have been stricter by the Govt. Control bodies and all compliances with respect to raw material, processing, packing material, storage conditions , transporting agents have to be supervised and documented through regular internal and Govt. Audits.

Gramicid– a multicomponent disinfectant has an important role to play in terms of sanitation standards, in the entire process of manufacturing and storage. Applications of gramicid starts from basic raw material disinfection@10-15ppm(10-15ml per 1000lts of water);

storage & manufacturing tanks, pipelines@0.5%-1.0%;
bottles, closures, caps, crates@0.1-0.2%;
conveyor belts @0.5%.
Other areas of disinfection includes transport containers, vehicles@0.5%;
fruits & vegetables disinfection@ 200-500ppm.
The entire water purification system which contations multigrade filters, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis membrane has to be
disinfected by Greamicid@500ppm.

The last and an important area of disinfection includes the rubber & plastic slippers with the use of 1% con. of Gramicid.  So, a
standard operating system (SOP) containing Gramicid is ideal choice for any food item manufacturer.


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